Monday, August 31, 2009

La Serenissima and the Glassblowers

In The Glassblower of Murano, Marina Fiorato paints a beautiful picture of Venice, La Serenissima, through her vivid imagery and detailed descriptions. Moreover, the story is one of intrigue, adventure, and romance. In the book, Leonora Manin is a recent divorcee who decides to sell all her possessions and move from the bustling city-life of London to the traditional and serene life in Venice. She is a highly-skilled artist specializing in glassblowing, a gift she inherited from her famous ancestor and master glassblower, Corradino Manin. As soon as she arrives in Venice, she seeks and obtains a job as a glassblower at the Murano fornace - the first woman to ever accomplish this in centuries. She also seeks to find out more about her elusive ancestor, Corradino.

The chapters in this book alternate between Leonora's life in the present and Corradino's life as a glassblower and political prisoner on the island of Murano in the 1600s. The two share a relationship that transcends time. Not only does Leonora discover her true self and family history while in Venice, but she also finds love and comes to the realization that the city is her true home.

This is a beautiful story written as though it were a mystery or suspense novel. It is reminiscent of classics, such as Alexander Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo, but with a more modern twist. Incredibly, the city has a life of its own in this book and it becomes somewhat of a character itself. The descriptions, including those of the canals and buildings, the glassblowers and the way they work their craft, the events such as the Carnevale, etc., magically transport the reader to Venice.
If you've ever wanted to leave it all behind and live the life of an artist in Europe, then you can do so vicariously through this book. I highly recommend it ;)
If that trip to Italy my husband and I have been planning becomes a reality, we may just have to throw away our return ticket and have our own Venetian adventure!

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